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IOSenTO (Inputs and Outputs Sensor Triggers Organizer)


I.O.Sen.T.O. Project Idea Abstract (draft 1)


The project general objective it about creating a new hardware system called I.O.Sen.T.O. (In Out Sensors Triggers Organizer) which will establish a new standard for audio-video top quality home automation entertainment. IOSenTO should be able to offer new multi-sensorial aesthetic experience that creates a continue and always different emotional feedback between listeners and the system, causing therefore a special benefit impact on the society.

The specific objectives are:

  • Implement a new way to process triggers which lead to a new kind of augmented reality, causing the need of composing and distributing interactive immersive 3D audio and video using new media;
  • To control 3D audio, video and home automation by the way of a sort of custom interactive storytelling, influenced by a loop feedback between artistic contents and users moods/behaviour;
  • Create new professionals (and teachers) able to teach how to create contents for IOSenTO, with evident attitude to enhance the quality of psychological disease’s symptomatic treatment.

Main technical descriptions IOSenTO will features a cam, two microphones, internet connectivity and several HDMI ports all integrated in the main default unit. It will be a modular system able to interact with any kind of home automation hardware and software. The 3D soundscape, the video contents and the home automation state modifications (triggers) will be generated by the simple current user life events and behaviours. At the same time, all the contents modifications will influence the user consequent moods. The playback will change upon the analysis of triggers sequences (chains) coming from the sensor system. The 3D audio composition will be nonlinear and will follow a “tree branches” structure. The typical “chains” will correspond to hypothetical behaviours or feelings. The playback will be in sync with the other home automation connected systems. The system will be able to match or to soothe the listener(s) moods; a sort of simple AI will learn the needs of the user and “take care” of him, considering the single moment characteristics. Music and soundscape composition will rise to a new artistic level, finding new way of communication and interaction. Expected project results Change the way we think, create, enjoy and distribute audio and video contents in the world, developing a new kind of artistic expression with new aesthetic experience. To reach a better quality of life and evident benefits for the market economy, as the new way to enjoy interactive audio will open a whole new market for the entertainment industry (the need for the end user to have the new kind of interactive AV player; the cloud management of contents; the possibility for musicians, sound engineers and composers to produce a new kind of interactive media).

The system will (also) find application in theatres, hospitals, theme parks and hotels, as well as in cultural heritage/touristic sites (project sustainability). Music composers will start again to produce original artworks at a popular level with significant cultural meaning content. A whole bunch of different application of the technology will be available for healthcare, surveillance, crime prevention and so on Main project activities Development of a hardware sensors system able to “understand” the behaviour of humans in a specific environment, thanks to new client software that communicates also with the preferred social networks. The triggers will be used to modify the AV playback and to control some home automation components. Implementation of a cloud based service able to provide special digital media and feed a IOSenTO system. Test the time of response of a prototype system and the correspondence with beta tester moods, in order to understand how much time the system needs to learn and go to regime. Teach to some composers the new way of creating interactive 3D audio, to be able to test some artwork composed by them specifically for IOSenTO developments. Explore the possibility of cloud-based online creation and sharing of video, audio and images. A new kind of artistic expression will offer new aesthetic experience.